The 30 Day Reset Wellness Course by Sally Twellman

The 30 Day Reset Wellness Course

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Comprehensive Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide
  • With over 40+ Recipes
  • Exercise guide that allows you to choose fitness track that meets your specific goals  (fat loss, muscle gain, improve health)
  • Nourish diary to help you dig deep and transform during the 30 Day Reset
Daily Wellness Inspiration and Knowledge
  • Each day of the 30 Day Reset, you will receive powerful and actionable wellness information and action steps, to help you create massive shifts in all aspects of your body and your life. This isn't a diet program, this is the start of your whole life transformation --> the body, mind and soul kind! 
    • Some of the Daily wellness topics include:
      • Intuitive and Mindful Eating Principles
      • The latest health and body transformation research (exercise and nutrition)
      • Time management tools to help you create more flow in your life
      • Movement  and Exercise Tips
      • Sleep Hygiene information
      • Stress management tools
      • Meditation guide for beginners + guided meditations to get you started on your journey to total enlightenment. (or as close as you can come in 30 days ☺️)
      • Success mindset tools 
 Weekly Live Group Coaching 
  • Weekly Live group coaching calls.  Each week I dive deeper into the wellness topics and action steps & answer your burning questions. 
 Access to the Exclusive 30 Day Reset Community on Facebook
  • Massive Accountability (huge key to success!)
  • Super love and support from your coaches and a new group of like-minded friends who are focused on personal growth and transforming their lives!
  • Live Group Coaching
  • Life-Time access to this awesome transformative group, where you can join the party every time I start a new 30 Day Reset session. 

What's included?

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Welcome to the 30 Day Reset {Video}
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30 Day Reset Grocery Shopping List
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Begin a journey of confidence, health and happiness. The Pursuit of Wholeness.

I am a life and wellness coach, and my purpose is to help you transform your body and your life. If it's done right, the weight loss and health journey is a spiritual journey, where you realign your life with your soul and spirit and transform from the inside out.